What’s Working

with YouTube’s
Karissa Zigarovich & Kaley Mullin

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Tuesday, April 27, 1 p.m. ET


Karissa Zigarovich
Global Head of YouTube Brand, Reputation & Entertainment Insights

Kaley Mullin
Brand Strategy & Audience
Insights Lead

MaryLeigh Bliss
YPulse VP
of Content

In our latest “What’s Working” webinar, YouTube’s  Karissa Zigarovich (Global Head of YouTube Brand, Reputation & Entertainment Insights) and Kaley Mullin (Brand Strategy & Audience Insights Lead) will share how they established an internal Trends Council to empower the organization to execute on initiatives in a culturally resonant way.
Karissa and Kaley will share what goes into developing new trends, how these trends shape brand marketing, and a few trends that the Council is keeping its eye on.
The discussion will be moderated by YPulse VP of Content MaryLeigh Bliss who will also share insights on some upcoming trends that youth marketers will need to know. 

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