Gen Z 101: Does Gen Z Think You're Cool?

with YPulse Chief Content Officer MaryLeigh Bliss and YPulse Chief Research Officer Laura Barajas
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Feb 7, 2023 | 1 p.m. ET
MaryLeigh Bliss
YPulse Chief Content Officer
Laura Barajas
YPulse Chief Research Officer

YPulse analyzed over 1,000 brands among more than a million young consumers in 13 countries and 3 continents over five years to see which brand attributes (including coolness, sustainability, and authenticity) matter the most to young people and how they fall in line with evolving Gen Z behaviors and trends.
In our latest Gen Z 101 webinar, MaryLeigh Bliss and Laura Barajas will explain how Gen Z defines cool, which brands are the coolest, and how you can bring this elusive element to your own brand.